Our Story

SONIC  -   adjective   son·ic   \  ˈsä-nik \
     denoting, relating to, or of the nature of sound or sound waves.

TREPANATION  -   noun   trep·a·na·tion   \  ˌtrep-ə-ˈnā-shən \
    a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into      the human skull

 Founded in 2017, Sonic Trepanation has set out to release amazing albums that we love. Our founder, Ryan Zengou, went from following the Grateful Dead to following his passion for medicine. He became a neurosurgeon and still practices today. Yet, his love of music never wavered. Our plan is to release a handful of records every year that we care deeply about. This will let us really focus on each artist and give each record the attention it deserves. We have signed our first artist, Belle of the Fall, and are thrilled with the album they have produced.


 A&R Rep, Steve Dunn, has 20+ years in music business.  He has experience as a Touring and Recording artist, Producer, Promoter, and Booking Agent.  As a fan of all types of music, Dunn has the ability to recognize songs and artists that stand out.   

"I know a great song when I hear it and I do my best to get the world to know that song too" - Steve Dunn